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Bamberg Brewery has a tour in English during the World Cup

The trip already takes place every Saturday in Portuguese and in the month of June there will be a special edition accompanied by the brewer Alexandre Bazzo

Voted the Brewery of the Americas by the Americas Cup twice in a row (2011-2012), Bamberg, most award-winning brewery in Brazil, opens its factory doors for a special tour during the 2014 World Cup. The tour takes place every Saturday in Portuguese, and to better meet the demand of tourists in the country, visitors will be accompanied in English.

Besides getting to know the factory, participants can sample five beers directly from the  maturation tanks and will be orientated by Alexandre Bazzo, brewer and owner of Bamberg, who will explain the process of production, raw materials, and styles of the beers tasted. "The tour is a short trip to the universe of Franconia, like a living room of this magical place and it involves everyone because of the hospitality and casualness of its people, where bread, beer and typical sausages reign" says Bazzo.

The tour will be on Saturdays at 11 am, with the individual cost of R$ 30. For groups, it is necessary to make a pre-booking for weekdays and the value will be R$ 600, with a maximum capacity of 20 participants. Reservations must be made by email

About Bamberg

Inspired on the German city of Bamberg, a global benchmark in producing beers, Bamberg Brewery unites tradition, history and diversity of one of the richest countries in brewing culture in order to introduce to the Brazilians the different styles of beers that exist around the world, providing new experiences and an amazing trip for the senses. With several labels awarded as, for example, the title of Best Altbier in the World by World Beer Awards in 2013, Bamberg today is the most awarded brewery in Brazil. Under the command of brewer Alexandre Bazzo, the brewery has already reached 80 national and international awards and is a reference in the specialty beer industry in less than a decade since it opened. This is the result of raw materials of first quality, a lot of research and dedication not only from Bazzo, but all employees who form the Bamberg Brewery team.

Over the years Bazzo has developed complex and daring styles, and never spared no effort to reach a full result. He devoted himself to building a recognition of history, guided by a lot of commitment to the brewing culture. He has partnered up with music bands with unique and meaningful stories and made ​​a point of launching the beers emphasizing the importance of these bands as a conceptual product, which expresses the essence of the bands and their songs, and not just products that target fads and marketing.

"I do what I like, but I know that I carry a great responsibility. Bamberg has a great story in a short space of time, I know I'm the captain, but not the only one responsible for this, but I also know that I have to push the pace for us to continue on this path", says Bazzo.

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